South Sudan to Receive New Currency

South Sudan to Receive New Currency On July 11, newly independent South Sudan vowed to oversee the running of the new state until a full government is appointed. At present the country is functioning under an interim cabinet which consists of ministers from its old partially self-governing administration. They, along with the country's first President Salva Kiir, took the oath of office together and vowed to serve the people of South Sudan. Following the oath of office, Finance minister David Deng Athorbei told a waiting media that the country will be receiving its first consignment of South Sudanese pounds on July 13 from a British printer. David Deng Athorbei - South Sudan Finance Minister "There will be daily flights of cargo planes coming in to Juba and then on the 18th, the government of South Sudan should have done its job...and delivered the currency. Then it will be the role of the Central Bank of South Sudan now to issue the currency," said Mr. Athorbei. The new currency, South Sudan pound will be equal to the same value of the existing Sudanese pound, which will continue to circulate in the north of the country. By: Nadia Idriss Mayen Al Arabiya with Agenices

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