Female Candidacy Running for Presidency

Egyptian TV anchor and political activist Bothaina Kamel is the first female to be running for the country's presidential elections in autumn. Her campaign focuses on sectarian unity, rooting out corruption and ending poverty. Bothaina Kamel said, "So long as we are demanding the removal of a structure, then we as revolutionaries, have to propose alternatives." "The first message I received, which really made me aware of the importance of the announcement of my candidacy and all that followed -- through the trips to different parts across Egypt was a message on the internet from a girl who told me: Auntie, I know your road is difficult and your experiment is not easy, but you have opened the doors of hope for us to dream of leadership positions in our country and of the presidency of the Republic. "My presidential agenda, the main outline, is the same as the slogans of January 25th: 'Dignity, Freedom and Social Justice'. This is based upon two central ideas, the fight against poverty and the fight against corruption." Ayman Masoud, Participant from Zagazig said"A woman is equal to a man, and we, as young people are convinced of that. But the nature of Egyptian culture, as an eastern, Muslim man, they would not allow for a woman to rule them. But everyone knows inside of them that a woman is equal to a man - we have women managers and ministers, but we have not reached the stage where the president can be a woman." Speaker: Bothaina Kamel, Egyptian TV anchor and political activist Ayman Masoud, Participant from Zagazig Voices: Nadia Idriss Mayen Saed Kamal By: Ikram Al Yacoub Al Arabiya With Agencies

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