Libyans killed during Sirte conflict to be buried

Libyan finance and oil minister Ali Tarhouni says Libya has buried Muammar Qaddafi and his prominent son Saif al-Islam is no threat to the country. "It took some time, again this is a question of organization and contacts, I went myself to Misrata the same day that he (Qaddafi) was brought over there, it was more of a disconnect between the local council and the NTC. Now, he's buried, I think he is given, I'm not sure, but I think he is given the Muslim burial, and I don't think he deserved it, but this is the NTC's decision." Meanwhile around 300 bodies have been found in Sirte. Many of which were executed. Locals have returned to the city after fleeing violence and have carried out the process of organizing the mass burial close to the main cemetery Bin Hammal. "There are 300 bodies here; we found them in more than one place. Most of them are residents of Sirte, some are from the Mahari hotel who we found with their hands tied and shot in the head (pointing to forehead), and most of them were wounded," said a resident. The National Transitional Council said they will look into the allegations of extra-judicial killings and punish any perpetrators. "I assure you that we will not turn a blind eye or forgive any crime that might have been committed during this conflict," said Ahmed Bani, a NTC military spokesman. It is believed the bodies were of both regime loyalists and anti-Qaddafi protesters killed during recent violent unrest. By: Nadia Idriss Mayen Al Arabiya with Agencies

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